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RVLogin is a platform for your web-hosting business. You can use that to provide a single sign-on service via WHM and SSH. Its core features include the single sign-on for WHM (non-secured), single sign-on for WHM (highly secured), and single sign-on for SSH (highly secured) , as well as more security features that give you a more competitive value to your operations, reputation, and strategy. Thus, RVLogin should provide you a variety features of single sign-on which is ready for security enhancements by RV2Factor.
Single Sign-on for WHM is FREE

Single Sign-on for WHM is FREE

With RVLogin, you can build a single sign-on for WHM for free. Except that it is not highly secured if you do not have RV2Factor in your RvGlobalSoft account. So, you should register with RVGlobalSoft.com and get RVLogin first. Build it, test it, and prove it, until it works well with your user behavior upon the single sign-on. When you are settled with the number of users who access RVLogin, you shall start ordering RV2Factor for those numbers of users.

Single Sign-on for WHM is Optimized

Single Sign-on for WHM is Optimized

To build an Optimized Gateway, you should make your WHM single sign-on secured with RV2Factor. AFter you already have RV2Factor for those numbers of users who access via RVLogin. RVLogin management console will manage the RV2Factor accounts by controlling the Credential IDs of your server admins’ VIP Access. Remember that RVLogin is free for the single sign-on features while RV2Factor will optimize it by providing security at the end-point access.

2-Factor Authentication

Single Sign-on for SSH with 2-Factor Authentication

RVLogin for SSH single sign-on must work with RV2Factor, so you must have RV2Factor accounts in place when you download and install RVLogin on your Gateway Server. To access via SSH at terminals, your server admins must have VIP Access on their mobile and provide a dynamic security code every time they login via SSH.

Manage Server Access

Manage Server Access in Many-to-One Model

You can assign your servers into different server groups as you want to manage. So, it works well with a hundred or thousand numbers of servers/customers using your web-hosting service. Moreover, the server admins accessing your single sign-on can be in unlimited numbers, with unlimited numbers of turnover as well. With the Credential IDs in control, you can manage their identity with ease. So, the numbers of servers … or users do not matter.

Server Access

World-Class Shield Guard for Server Access

RVLogin and RV2Factor contains all features of Symantec Validation & ID Protection (VIP) service. The service is cloud-based and backed by Symantec Corporation. RVGlobalSoft just integrated and optimized the technology for web-hosting service providers. So, RVLogin is a great tool that you can use to manage and harness the level of security compliance of your server admins.

Easy Access

Easy Access with Web-based Gateway

The RVLogin portal URL on Gateway Server will provide you an access from anywhere with the Internet and web browsers. With the assigned Gateway Server as a login portal, your security policy will be strictly enforced and control on that server. The web portal will be a frontier for your all access.

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