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RVLogin is a tool for your WHM & SSH Single-sign on to hundreds or thousands of your servers. With RVLogin, you will have one access to manage and administer your servers with ease under highly secured environment. In combination with RV2Factor, a 2-factor authentication for truly web-hosting business, the RVLogin will provide you an identity-based authentication that prevents your servers from any kinds of latest attacks to your server. Once you set up you SSH Gateway Server, RVLogin is a one single place that you and your server admin teams will be able to harness all difficulties in accessing multiple servers in your facilities or datacenters. Download Datasheet Now.

Unified Gateway and Access

Whether for WHM or SSH Servers, your access to multiple servers is still  controlled,  managed,  and ministered  through  one  single sign-on tool. This RVLogin’s engine is based on your compliance policy, enabling your control over admin’s access to any server in your facilities or organizations.

Advanced Security

With WHM Server access, you will benefit from RVLogin as a single sign-on tool. However, RV2Factor will work to enhance your access with more advanced security from 2-Factor Authentication. With SSH Server access, RV2Factor will do authenticate your admins accessing via SSH. So, do use RVLogin with RV2Factor to enhance your secure access.

Dynamic Control

With WHM/SSH Server Gateway, you are able to monitor and control every in and out to your multiple servers in control. You can manage existing admins or new admins alike with credential-based authentication from RV2Factor’s engine which is totally compatible with RVLogin.

Fewer Costly Hours

RVLogin is a life-time free for all servers, admins, or hours  of  use. No license  fees  or  subscription payments   are   required.  Once implemented,  your  control  over multiple  access  needs just a few minutes to set up and handle. With your purchases of RV2Factor, your RVLogin will reduce more hours of your server admins.
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